A range of exciting puzzles to develop the young child's concentration, imagination and dexterity. Solving the puzzles gives the child self-confidence and a sense of achievement.



Simple two-piece shaped puzzles with big and easy to handle pieces, perfect for toddlers. Each box contains six puzzles.



Shaped Floor Puzzles


Large puzzles with big, easy-to-handle pieces, perfect for little hands. Each puzzle depicts a subject with which children can easily identify.

Floor Puzzles (24 Pieces)


This is a series of beautifully illustrated puzzles with easy to handle big pieces which are ideal for young children.

In the Classroom

Pirate Ship

The Amusement Park

Noah's Ark

Farm Orchestra

At the farm

First Puzzles


Each set in this series contains 3 puzzles having 4, 5 and 6 pieces, respectively. Intended for beginners, these simple and colourful puzzles use the "play and learn" technique to provide children with activities that are both fun as well as geared to develop their motor skills and hand-eye coordination. The bold outlines on the frame subtly guide children on how to tackle puzzle, ensuring success.

Travel Time


The Jungle

In Water

Junior Puzzles


Each Junior Puzzle set contains 4 jigsaw puzzles with varying number of pieces from 8 to 12. With their emphasis on learning through games, these puzzles meet a growing child's need to do something that is both creative and fun and at the same time enhance the child's motor skills and mental abilities. Guiding frame for each picture ensures the successful completion of each puzzle.

Bird View

Cozy Homes

Wild Life

Play Tune

Animal Puzzles


An ideal way to introduce young children to common animals and birds. The care for details in each picture ensures that children see images, which closely resemble the original. The bright and lively images hold the child's interest and attention, while assembling the puzzles helps improve their motor skills, observation power and reasoning faculties.

At the Farm

In the Jungle

In the Water

Animal Kingdom


In this collection of animal puzzles, young learners will be amazed to discover the different kinds of animals that exist around the world and the ones that were there in

pre-historic times. It is interesting to note that the existence of animals in a specific region, largely depends on the weather and the natural vegetation of that area. While assisting in assembling the pieces, grown-ups can discuss with the children the facts regarding the animals on the basis of the information given about each animal.

Polar Animals

Animals that can survive in the extreme cold of the polar regions are featured here.



The long extinct giant reptiles are still intriguing for us and more so for children. Some of  the herbivorous dinosaurs have been featured.

Unusual Animals


These animals with their unusual features and habits are amusing as well as amazing for the young and the grown-ups alike.

Flightless Birds


The birds that cannot fly have developed other abilities that make them so special and interesting that one wants to know more and more about them.

Endangered Animals


The puzzles feature some of the animals that are in danger of extinction.

Exotic Birds


Beautifully illustrated puzzle featuring unusual and colourful birds.