• Magic Linen is STAIN & SPOT resistant.
  • Available in many different designs and colours & can be personalized for your needs.
  • Almost no ironing required.
  • Resistant to Shrinkage and Colourfast.

Candola Magic Leinen

Table Cloths


High quality paper napkins, menus and other Horeca products in freezers or boiling water.

Main advantages of LEINEN:

They are practical and cost-saving for the caterer, because:

  • Liquid stains (such as coffee or red wine) can be removed very simply.
  • Tables have to be reset substantially less often than with normal table linen Washed at only 40 °C in the washing machine (without bleaching agent and fabric softener)
  • Hang out to dry (Air dries) Almost no ironing necessary
  • Tablecloths will keep their characteristics even after frequent washing

They have a soft textile feel. This distinguishes them favourably from the usual plastic or plastic coated table covers.


  • Sophisticated, Elegant Design and/or Modern Colours.
  • The visual effects of Magic Linen tablecloths are especially popular.
  • "Fantasia" design with its floral patterns, give a new insight to table culture.
  • "Capris" is the right design if you prefer a more sophisticated and elegant approach, then “Capris” or “Jaquard” should be your fabric choice.
  • Magic Linen tablecloths can be customised, so there are virtually no limits to the finished products, such as table runners, placemats, chair covers and aprons.

Stain Resistant


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