A range of games designed to develop the child's imagination, memory skills and knowledge together with providing hours and hours of fun and enjoyment.

Jungle Ludo and

Snakes & Ladders


Two universally popular games - Ludo and Snakes & Ladders - superbly illustrated with animal characters in a durable double-sided board, to give you hours and hours of fun.

Mind Bogglers


A set of two strategy games that test the child's mathematical and logical abilities. Both the games sharpen mental agility and provide loads of fun in the process.

Jungle Chess


This is a classic game of chess, with animals as chess pieces, to make the game more fun for children

Mind Your Word


A word game where you have to make individual words using the letters provided. But watch out, the other players can snatch your word.



Quartex is a mind-bending shape-building strategy tile game which is fun for the whole family.



This box of 70 conjuring tricks has been carefully prepared to make you a little magician. You can perform most of these tricks without requiring hours of practice or exceptional skills.



A challenging game that tests the child's mental calculation skills. Throw the dice and figure out the best way to score.



An exciting quiz game with two difficulty levels, in which the children have to get their spaceships back to Earth by answering questions on different subjects.

Space Travel


An exciting and thrilling quiz game for children that provides loads of information about space. It imparts knowledge about the planets and their symbols.