Anti Smoke Spray



  • This product is a patent registered to P.P. Beauty for Hair and Body.


  • Anti-Smoke Spray is a concentrate of a very highly effective secret recipe using 100% guaranteed aromatherapy essential oils from around the world.


  • This product has not been tested on any Animals.


  • On spraying the Anti- Smoke spray, the aroma is initially very intense but reduces within a few minutes.


  • Within 3 to 4 hours the room is completely smell free of the Anti-Smoke scent or any other bothersome smoke smells or odours.


  • A room of approximately 25-30 cubic meters requires just ONE SQUIRT.


  • Each bottle of the spray can be used for 144 applications resulting in the bottle lasting a whole YEAR.


  • Conventional room fresheners and deodorants are normally produced synthetically or chemically and usually contain aerosols which cost more than double per application  - are also bigger and bulkier to store/ transport.



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